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Chaine is a productivity tool that helps your logistics teams eliminate wasteful tasks and focus on scaling.
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Manual work, automated

Stop wasting time on manual tasks, and free up your ops teams to handle more loads.

workflow automation

Effortless, collaborative freight visibility

Improve customer experience with accurate, real-time freight transparency.

load tracking

TMS in the palm of your hands

Check on your loads and view load-related activity during off-hours.

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See some of the reasons our customers love us

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“Chaine isn’t just a vendor for JTS, they are an extension of our business... Chaine has provided timely and creative solutions to all of our request enabling us to do more with less.”
Jeff Mosqueda
VP, Corporate Sales
Redwood Logistics
“Chaine is helping logistics organizations lower their cost to serve. Realistically, I believe this technology will exponentially improve efficiency. .”
Alan Toliver
Chief Logistics Officer
Greatlakes Transport Solutions
“Chaine has transformed the way we do business, saving our carrier reps hours per day, by streamlining check calls and follow-ups. Our CSRs now focus on booking more loads.”
Eric Schnirel

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Weekly Transportation Update 04/21/20

Coronavirus shut-downs continue to impact the North American freight industry.

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What is Drayage?

Drayage is the process of moving goods in shipping containers short distances via truck Goods are usually moved from an ocean port to a rail station, warehouse, different port, etc.

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Weekly Freight Economic Update 04/13/20

Coronavirus shut-downs continue to impact the North American freight industry. 

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Weekly Transportation Economic update 04/27

A decrease in consumer discretionary spending due to layoffs has had an impact on the logistics sector, but overall the industry is weathering the downturn better than most segments of the economy.

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The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Freight Transportation and Logistics; Brace Yourselves, we are in for a Wild Ride

COVID-19 is going to have a major economic impact on the Logistics industry for at least the next year, the likely possible scenarios are explained.

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Is your company's AI strategy falling short?

AI-enhanced Technology works best when it is enacted to address broad organizational priorities rather than isolated business issues.

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Will Digitalization transform the logistics industry?

Current logistics technologies will need to converge allowing the different segments to scale through collaboration or consolidation.

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What is ransomware and its role in logistics?

Logistic firms are becoming a frequent target of these attacks since they cannot afford the exponential effects caused by a break in the supply chain.

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